LABECON Laboratory Press

If you need:

  • Maximum of 300 degrees Celcius
  • Platen size 320 x 320 (300kN) or 400 x400 (600kN)
  • Maximum daylight 200 mm

We recommend our LabEcon Series

LABPRO Laboratory Press

If you need:

  • More than 300 degrees Celsius
  • Daylight more than 200 mm
  • Vacuum chamber
  • And other custom made possibilities

We recommend our LabPro Series

Your laboratory press by Fontijne Presses 

Fontijne Presses designs and builds your hydraulic laboratory press for the polymer processing, rubber and composites industry.

For straightforward automated pressing operations, these presses offer a high quality as well as an economical solution.

Our laboratory press has a perfect fit for laboratory and research centers, because of its small footprint and configurable design.

In addition to manufacturing and sale of high quality equipment, Fontijne Presses & Services, supplies customers with a full line of parts and accessories for their line of hydraulic platen presses. They also offer complete maintenance and calibration services.

Fontijne Presses & Services BV believes that their primary mission is to deliver products of the highest quality and reliability. Customers expect continuous, uninterrupted operation of their equipment in order to keep their own production, development, and quality programs at optimal efficiency. Accordingly, Fontijne Presses has developed an optimal service organization which can ensure this is realized. We offer Service Contracts which help maintain presses in optimal condition for trouble-free, long term operation. Calibration services further enhance the utility of the presses – ensuring accuracy over the lifetime of a press.

Fontijne Presses is part of the APTCO INVEST– technology and innovation group. APTCO INVEST is a diverse, international group of companies active in the distribution, manufacturing, service,and support of scientific tools and equipment. APTCO’s member companies boast activity in analytical and materials characterization technologies (Benelux Scientific group) and life sciences, biobanking and diagnostics (SOPACHEM group). Other divisions focus on calibration services (CALIBRATION LAB) and the manufacture of membrane and filter characterization equipment (POROMETER).