In addition to manufacturing and sale of high quality equipment, Fontijne Presses & Services, supplies customers with a full line of parts and accessories for their line of hydraulic platen presses. They also offer complete maintenance and calibration services.

Fontijne Presses & Services BV believes that their primary mission is to deliver products of the highest quality and reliability. Customers expect continuous, uninterrupted operation of their equipment in order to keep their own production, development, and quality programs at optimal efficiency. Accordingly, Fontijne Presses has developed an optimal service organization which can ensure this is realized. We offer Service Contracts which help maintain presses in optimal condition for trouble-free, long term operation. Calibration services further enhance the utility of the presses – ensuring accuracy over the lifetime of a press.

Contents Service Contract

The Fontijne Presses Service Contract contains following elements:

  • Yearly service visit including comprehensive service report 

A complete summary of observations, problems, and remedial actions taken will be provided. This report will be sent to you digitally within ten working days.

  • Use of the helpdesk after office hours

The use of the helpdesk outside of normal business hours (excl. Sundays and National Holidays) is included in a Fontijne Presses service contract. Any billable activities – such as a visit or parts requirement – from the conversation will be charged at standard rates. The help desk conversation itself is, needless to say, free of charge and included in the contract.

Yearly service visit

Like with all mechanical devices, routine checkups and preventative maintenance ensures stable operation and longest possible service life. As such, a normal (preventative) service visit to support the general condition of the Platen Press is advised. This includes the following activities:

  • Measuring calibration press force
  • A calibrated load cell is being used.
  • Measuring of the pressure directly between the press platen
  • Pressure range till 1000 kN
  • Measuring calibration temperature
  • A calibrated temperature meter is being used.
  • Till 10 measurements per second
  • Till an accuracy of one hundredth
  • Measuring range of -270 °C up to and including 1820 °C
  • Measuring of parallellity- and flatness of the heating plates
  • Checking the electrical connections heating plates
  • Checking guiding
  • Checking seals cylinder
  • Checking wiring and electrical components
  • Checking hydraulics
  • Checking press plates
  • Checking safety and health guidelines
  • Replacement of 16 litres hydraulic oil
  • Replacement of the hydraulic filter
  • General inspection functioning press


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