NEW Brabender measuring technology and laboratory-scale extrusion for polymer and rubber applications for our Dutch customers __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Brabender is a leading global manufacturer of measurement and process engineering solutions for testing the quality of various raw materials as well as for the development and optimization of products, formulations, methods and processes. With its proven and innovative product solutions as well as many years of application expertise in rheology and extrusion, Brabender supports the polymer and rubber industry.

Whether thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, rubbers, engineering plastics or biopolymers: you can characterize raw materials according to DIN EN ISO or ASTM standards, including determination of the plastification, flow and absorption characteristics. With the Brabender solutions you can easily extrude round strands and filaments, tapes, profiles, hoses, cables, blown and flat films, etc. from various raw materials and raw material blends.

For these diverse tasks, the product portfolio of the Duisburg-based company offers customized individual and modular solutions for rheology and extrusion on a laboratory scale, suitable peripheral equipment and devices for specific measuring tasks.

Looking for advice to choose the right Brabender solution for your applications?

For any inquiries, please contact Twan van den Eijnden, Sales Manager.

Twan van den Eijnden

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Have a look at the vast range of Brabender solutions for rheometers, mixers, extruders and devices for specific measuring tasks:

Brabender Twin-Screw Compounder B-TSE-A 20:40
MetaStation 8(E)/16

The powerful modular stand drives of the new generation

Measuring Mixer 30/50

Kneading chamber volume of 30 cm³/50 cm³ for the analysis of thermoplastics, WPC and HME

Twin-Screw Compounder B-TSE-A 20/40

Co-rotating twin-screw extruder as a measuring attachment for the MetaStation 8(E) and 16 drive units

Brabender Stand alone ExtruderKE 19
MetaStation 4E table drive

Modular table drive of the new generation


Cross-device software solution for Brabender devices

Stand-alone Extruder KE 19

Space-saving, economical stand-alone extruder ideal for tests on lab scale

Brabender processing die heads
Brabender Filtratest
Brabender Internal mixer 350 S
Processing die heads

Examine a variety of material properties under real production conditions in the laboratory


Validate purity and precisely determine impurity concentrations in spinnable polymers and other thermoplastic melts

Internal mixer 350 S

Mixing and compounding tasks in the rubber and caoutchouc industry

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