partner up with Benelux Scientific

Fontijne Presses is proud to announce the cooperation with Benelux Scientific bvba for the sales and promotion of laboratory platen presses in Belgium and Luxemburg.

Benelux Scientific is a trading company based in Nazareth, Belgium. They provide (amongst other things) marketing, generation and execution of sales, and after sales service for their suppliers. Benelux Scientific possesses expert know-how with regard to instrumentation and their application in industry and universities. They particularly have a strong network of contacts, connecting trusted suppliers to decision makers in various industries and major universities in Belgium and Luxemburg, which is based on the excellent personal relations of the Benelux Scientific team.

We are looking forward to a long and successful partnership! Want to know more about Benelux Scientific? Click here to visit their website.

Maarten Debrouwere from Benelux Scientific and Luc Pattyn, our Sales & Marketing Director, are ready to go for it!

After Belgium and Luxemburg, we cannot leave out the Netherlands! We have partnered up with the Dutch team of Benelux Scientific B.V. in Ochten so they can promote and sell our laboratory platen presses in the Netherlands.

We always seek excellence across every aspect of our business, and this includes within our partners. As a strong local partner Benelux Scientific can offer complete solutions, technical support and after sales at the same level as we do. This strategic alliance with Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg will enhance an already established relationship, and strengthen and accelerate our go-to-market proposition.

Cheers to a new and long lasting partnership! Want to know more about Benelux Scientific? Visit their website:

Randy Israel from Benelux Scientific B.V. and Luc Pattyn, our Sales & Marketing Director, in front of their first successful deal: a LabPro laboratory platen press under construction at our premises in Delft.