New LabEcon 1000

First of all we would like to thank everybody who visited us on one of trade shows we have been participating the past weeks. It has been a very busy, but succesful time, with a lot of input for future developments.

Some more news about our range of products:
Additional to the LabEcon 300 and LabEcon 600, we present the LabEcon 1000. Using the same housing, hence with the same small footprint of 790 x 880 x 1790 mm, we were able to develop a press with platen size 500 x 500 and up to 1000 kN.

Moreover, we introduce a new control system TP for the applications where a multiple stage recipe or read-out possibility is not needed, and a single temperature and pressure control suffies. Only the input for the temperature and pressure setpoint is needed, the controllers will take care of it that the setpoint will be reached by means of a PID control for the temperature and a motor control for the press force.

Here are some general specifications of the LabEcon range.

LabEcon 3006001000
Max. closing force*kN3006001000
Platen size*mm320 x 320400 x 400500 x 500
Specific pressure with full loadN/mm22,933,754
Specific pressure with 250 x 250mm load N/mm24,89,616
Maximum temperature°C300 (optionally up to 400°C)
Standard daylight opening*mm200200200
VoltageV3 x 400V/50 Hz + zero + ground
3 x 480V/60 Hz + zero + ground