Recycling of textiles with the Fontijne Presses lab press

Recycling of textiles

Unlike other waste streams, such as household electrical appliances, textile waste, and more specifically discarded clothing, is not subject to a set of regulations that producers must adhere to regarding the collection and disposal of discarded products.

Recycling textile is a challenging process as textiles may get contaminated with residual water resulting in the absorption of moisture and dirt. Also, textile may contain buttons, zippers, etc. or be produced from mixed fabrics, for example elastane.

The Fontijne Presses LabEcon laboratory press

The Fontijne Presses LabEcon press is used to make samples from recycled fabrics that are thereafter analyzed in various ways: by microscopy, mechanical tests, etc. The types of the fabrics may very from case to case. The fabrics are wrapped around a frame, which is then placed (in a mold) in the press.


To read further download here the application note.

Application Note

Recycling of textiles with the LabEcon lab presses

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