About Fontijne Presses

Who we are

Fontijne Presses BV – based in Delft, The Netherlands – is a specialized and highly praised manufacturer of laboratory platen presses. Today, Fontijne Presses has an installed base of more than 2.000 laboratory platen presses around the world.

From its inception back in 1909 Fontijne Presses focused on delivering reference grade quality. In the early days, Fontijne Presses manufactured equipment for the rubber industry, such as mixers, presses, etcetera, but soon the company specialized in laboratory presses.

In 2017, Aptco Technologies acquired Fontijne Presses. A win-win for both companies, as Aptco Technologies wanted to invest in the unique knowledge and manufacturing techniques to build high quality laboratory platen presses, while Fontijne Presses benefits from the scale and the global organization of Aptco Technologies.

Our mission

We want to build for our customers the most suitable laboratory platen press according to the specific requirements for their particular application. By means of modern techniques, smart developments, customization, it is our aim to deliver products of the highest quality and reliability. Our customers expect uninterrupted operation of their equipment in order to keep their own production, development and quality programs at optimal efficiency. With us, their journey continues.

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