Fontijne Presses manufactures a complete range of high quality laboratory platen presses that are mainly used in universities and in the polymer, rubber and composite industries. The range is divided into 4 product categories that cover all the needs of todays’ testing lab.

The manually operated LabManual series is designed to prepare samples for demanding applications and moderate use.

The LabTop series is the benchtop hydraulic lab press designed for demanding applications and automated use.

The LabEcon series is known for its accurate and consistent pressing quality, and is therefore chosen for automated sample preparation in quality control and R&D labs.

The LabPro series is the right choice for the most demanding pressing applications and can be tailored to meet the customers’ specific needs and requests.

LabManual Series

The LabManual series are manually operated hydraulic laboratory presses. These highly acclaimed benchtop devices are used in many laboratories around the world to prepare samples for quality control and R&D purposes.

LabTop press
LabTop Series

Fontijne Presses’ benchtop LabTop series – available with a press range of 150 or 300kN – is an automated hydraulic laboratory press, which combines the modest footprint of our manually operated LabManual machines with the automated ProView control system that is used in our LabEcon and LabPro series.

LabEcon Series

Fontijne Presses’ floor standing LabEcon series – available with a press range of 300, 600 or 1000 kN – is an automated hydraulic laboratory press, which incorporates many features and qualities of the top-of-the-line LabPro series.

Labpro Series - Fontijne Presses
LabPro Series

Meet LabPro, a series of highly customizable state-of-the-art laboratory presses by Dutch specialist Fontijne Presses. The LabPro is a floor standing hydraulic press which can be tailored to meet your specific needs and requests.