What is the maximum temperature a Fontijne Presses device can reach?

The maximum achievable temperature at which samples can be pressed depends on the model, and ranges from 200° C (LabManual 50) to 300° C (LabManual 300 & LabEcon series).

Please note that the maximum temperature on the LabEcon series can optionally be increased up to 400° C, and even to 1000° C on the LabPro series.

How to measure and control temperature and closing force?

On the LabManual series, the closing force has to be set by means of a handpump and is displayed on a dedicated lcd-screen. To set the temperature of the upper and lower platens, two separated control units, each having their own up/down buttons and an easy to read lcd-screen, are present on the front panel.

The LabEcon and LabPro series are equipped with an advanced touchscreen interface, where the desired temperature and closing force can be set. The software also allows to make recipes: a series of commands and events to set different temperatures and/or pressing forces during a number of consecutive stages. In any case, the current and set temperature and pressure force settings can be monitored at all times on the touchscreen.

Does Fontijne Presses use the same software for its different presses?

Yes. The software driven LabEcon and LabPro series rely on the same software. This way, users who are accustomed to the current Fontijne Presses software can easily switch from one press to another. 

However, as our software is constantly evolving, the software that runs on older Fontijne Presses appliances might differ from the software that runs on newer appliances.

Please contact us if you want detailed information on this subject.

Can data be logged and exported?

On the LabEcon and the LabPro series, the data of each press cycle is recorded and saved. This data can easily be exported in .txt format through a USB-interface for further processing on an external device.

Does Fontijne Presses equipment enable automated multi-stage press cycles?

Yes. Fontijne Presses’ LabEcon and LabPro series allow the user to compose and store different recipes. These recipes describe all of the consecutive actions – including multi-stage press cycles – which the press has to perform. If needed, each stage can have different temperature and pressure settings and can have different durations. Recipes can be saved and can easily be reused later at the touch of a button.

The LabManual series do not offer this functionality, as these devices are manually operated.

Is it possible to use a Fontijne Presses device to heat a sample without applying pressure to it?

Yes, it is. The software on the LabEcon and LabPro series allows to (pre)heat the sample without applying any pressure to it. To this end, the two heated platens are positioned close to each other.

Is it possible to insert a thermocouple in the mould?

Yes, it is possible to insert a thermocouple in either the sample or the mould. On the presses that use our Programmable or ProView software, the temperature as measured by the thermocouple can be read on the touchscreen of the press. Furthermore, this information can also be integrated in a ‘Wait until user temperature = Y° C’ command.

Is it possible to fix a mould to the heating platens?

There are several ways to fix the mould to the heating platens. The most common solution is to drill some holes in the platens and to screw the mould. Please get in touch with the team of Fontijne Presses to determine the best suitable position of the screw holes in order to avoid interference with the integrated heating elements, thermocouples and cooling channels. A guiding mechanism with L-profiles installed on the side of the platen, or a system with clamps or T-slots are further possibilities.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.