LabManual series

The LabManual series are manually operated hydraulic laboratory presses.
These highly acclaimed benchtop devices are used in many laboratories around the world to prepare samples for quality control and R&D purposes.

The LabManual series can – depending on the model 50 or 300 – handle pressing needs up to 50kN and 300kN at 200°C or 300°C, but also allows the use of low closing forces. Whichever settings you choose, the results will prove to be accurate and consistent over time.

Thanks to its modest footprint, the LabManual can easily get installed in any lab. Furthermore, the unit’s closed hydraulics operation prevents oil from leaking. The LabManual is designed with safety in mind, while its ergonomic design and straightforward operation make life easier for laboratory technicians.

Fontijne Presses’ LabManual press is the right choice for applications that need accuracy and consistency, but where the number of samples to be processed is moderate, allowing manual operation.


Fontijne Presses offers several options, allowing you to get the best performance out of your LabManual.
Active water cooling (only LabManual 300)

Using the active water-cooling circuit, the LabManual 300’s press platens can be cooled swiftly. This allows to use the unit for upcoming tasks that need a lower temperature setpoint, without losing valuable time. The active water cooling option includes an air blow system which uses compressed air to clean the cooling channels of the press platens. This way, dirt can be prevented from settling in the channels.

Chromated backing platens

When using higher temperature settings, the sample material may adhere to the platens. This can easily be prevented by using a set of a chromated backing platens.

Extended guarantee & maintenance plan

Upon request, the standard guarantee period can be extended. Fontijne also offers preventive maintenance and a calibration service.

Technical specifications

Force rangekN1 - 501 - 300
Platen sizemm200 x 200320 x 320
Specific pressure with full loadN/mm21,252,93
Specific pressure with load 150 x 150mmN/mm22,2213,33
Max. temperature°C200300
140 (heat only)
100 (heat/cooling)