5 reasons why Fontijne Presses laboratory presses are the best sustainable choice

In today’s era of sustainability, choosing environmentally friendly instruments is crucial for laboratories, research and development (R&D) facilities, and production environments. Fontijne Presses, renowned for their innovative and reliable solutions for sample preparation for applications such as polymers, rubbers, PEM and much more, offers laboratory presses that provide an excellent sustainable choice. These presses incorporate a small footprint, low energy consumption, and minimal maintenance requirements.  

In this article, we will present five top reasons why Fontijne Presses laboratory presses are an exceptional sustainable option for any laboratory or R&D facility. 

1. Energy efficiency

Fontijne Presses laboratory presses are designed with energy efficiency in mind, offering significant advantages in terms of sustainability. The press series LabManual and LabTop operate on a standard 230V connection, which ensures compatibility with existing power systems. This eliminates the need for additional power infrastructure, reducing energy consumption and minimizing the environmental impact.

By optimizing energy usage, Fontijne Presses helps laboratories achieve their sustainability goals while maintaining high-quality results.  

2. Small footprint

With space being a valuable resource in laboratory and R&D environments, the compact design of Fontijne Presses laboratory presses offers a significant advantage.

All our presses feature a small footprint, allowing them to fit seamlessly into limited spaces without compromising performance. By maximizing the efficient use of available area, laboratories can optimize their workspace and create a sustainable and organized environment. 

Have a look here at the LabManual and LabTop series – two of our most compact series. 

3. Low energy consumption

Fontijne Presses laboratory presses prioritize energy conservation by minimizing the amount of energy required to heat up the press. By utilizing advanced heating technologies and precise temperature control mechanisms, these presses reduce energy consumption compared to conventional alternatives. This not only contributes to sustainability efforts but also helps laboratories save on energy costs, making them a financially sound choice in the long run. For example, by utilizing well designed heating technologies and precise temperature control mechanisms, our presses reduce energy requirements compared to conventional alternatives. 

The Fontijne Presses hydraulic systems are energy efficient and precisely made so that they are switched off most of the time. This avoids power consumption and reduces noise. Thanks to the smart design, there is no cooling needed for the hydraulic system. What saves water and power and makes them so compact. 

4. Low maintenance requirements

Maintaining equipment can be time-consuming and costly. Fontijne Presses laboratory presses are engineered with durability and longevity in mind, resulting in minimal maintenance requirements. With robust construction and high-quality components, our presses minimize the need for frequent repairs or replacements, saving valuable resources and reducing waste.

By choosing Fontijne Presses, laboratories can focus on their core research activities, further enhancing their productivity and efficiency. We wrote for example an article explaining how easy the lifetime of the press can be extended with the right maintenance. 

5. Sustainable material handling

Fontijne Presses recognizes the importance of sustainable material handling in laboratory and R&D environments. Our laboratory presses are designed to handle various materials efficiently while minimizing waste generation. Thanks to sample preparation by means of compression molding, Fontijne Presses laboratory presses offer precise and controlled processes, reducing material loss and optimizing resource utilization.

This sustainable approach not only contributes to a greener environment but also enhances the accuracy and reproducibility of experimental results. 


In the quest for sustainable laboratory solutions, Fontijne Presses stands out as an industry leader, offering laboratory presses that prioritize environmental responsibility. In addition to the energy-efficient features, Fontijne Presses goes the extra mile by manufacturing the presses in-house using 100% self-generated green power.

This commitment to sustainability sets us apart and provides laboratories, research and development (R&D) facilities, and production environments with the ideal sustainable choice.