Full customization possible with LabPro lab press

When it comes to customization and fulfilling the specifications required by our customers – our highly skilled engineering team finds a solution to any challenge!

For the most recent LabPro we designed, built and delivered, our customer did not have the space that is required for an additional chiller, and there was neither access to a pressure free water outlet with the available on site water circuit.

The Fontijne Presses solution

We first integrated a cooling system in the table under the press, consisting of a water basin, a heat exchanger, a pump and control valves.

The required cooling capacity and water flow have been carefully calculated, the volume of the water tank determined.

We designed the system so that the water inside the basin is pumped through the cooling channels inside the platens in order to cool down the platens. In case the temperature of the basin gets too high, the cooling water of the on site water circuit is used to cool down the basin via the heat exchanger.

Fontijne Press LabPro press with integrated cooling system

The LabPro press was delivered with:

  • Integrated closed cooling system
  • Same footprint of the press
  • No pressureless water drain required
  • No additional devices, no additional maintenance needed, lower operational costs
  • Less energy consumption
Fontijne Presses LabPro
Fontijne Presses LabPro cooling system

Further specifications of the LabPro:

  • Max. closing force of 600 kN
  • Platen size 400 x 400mm
  • Max. temperature 300°C
  • Daylight opening of 300mm
  • Working height of 1100mm
  • Heating speed up to 20°C/min
  • Sound & light signal end of cycle
  • Water cooling in a closed loop system
Fontijne Presses LabPro with water cooling in a closed loop system
Fontijne Presses LabPro connections