Newsletter January 2022

Why professionals choose our presses

Our laboratory platen presses are used by many lab and R&D professionals all around the world. Read here some of the reasons why professionals choose our presses:

Compact design

Thanks to their compact design and limited weight, our laboratory platen presses can easily be accommodated in laboratories of all sizes.

User friendly operating system

It’s important to us that our presses are easy to operate. This applies to both our LabManual presses as well as to our LabEcon and LabPro models which are equipped with a 15” user-friendly touchscreen operating system.

Safety first

Our presses are designed with the safety of the operator in mind and use safety facilities such as a safety shield, an emergency stop system and fixed upper platen.

Maintenance & calibration services

We believe that high-quality machines need first-class service. This is why we have a number of experienced service engineers available who can quickly be deployed all over the world for preventive maintenance, repairs and calibration services.

This way, machine downtime can be kept to an absolute minimum. Please contact us for any service requests or questions.