The LabEcon family grows bigger and bigger!

We welcome the newest family member, LabEcon with TP control.

For uncomplicated pressing operations where the process does not require cooling, with only 1 pressure and temperature setpoint, and no need for data read out for registration, it is not necessary to work with our Programmable or ProView control. That’s why we introduce the LabEcon TP (temperature/pressure control), available for LaboEcon 300, LabEcon 600 and LabEcon 1000.

Simply enter the T° setpoint for the upper and the lower platen, and the pressure setpoint in kN. To close the press, push the button with the upward oriented arrow. The press will close and go to the set press force.

A timer for setting the required duration for the press to be closed is available too. Using this type of control, we are able to reduce prices for LabEcon considerably.

Fontijne Presses sample placement