Increased energy storage with PEM

Besides our regular customer trials with polymers, rubbers and composites, at Fontijne Presses we see a huge increase in customer trials related to energy storage. Among other things, flow battery, cell stack, fuel cell, layer, anode, cathode and membrane are frequently heard concepts in our demo room. 

PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cells are made from several layers of different materials. The heart of a PEM fuel cell is the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA), which includes the membrane, the catalyst layers, and Gas Diffusion Layers (GDLs). 

The membrane electrode assembly provides sites for electrochemical reactions occurring inside a fuel cell to convert the fuel into usable electrical power. The PEM is sandwiched between two electrodes which have the catalyst embedded in them. The electrodes are electrically insulated from each other by the PEM. These two electrodes make up the anode and cathode respectively. The electrodes are heat pressed onto the PEM. Commonly used materials for these electrodes are carbon cloth or carbon fiber papers. 

PEM fuel cells are one example of many other applications. Electrochemical hydrogen compression is another example and works mostly on the principles of a PEM fuel cell, but there are also significant differences in the operating principle. What these and other techniques have in common, is the use of the aforementioned MEA.  However, the type of membrane, catalyst and GDL can vary by application. 

Accurate temperature and precise force distribution are the key for a successful MEA. This is when the Fontijne Presses laboratory presses come into play. Due to the confidential nature of these trials, no photos can be shared. Therefore, here is an overview of the Fontijne Presses product range. 

Please contact Fontijne Presses if you are active in the world of energy storage and are interested in conducting trials.

Of course, that also applies to those who are active in another world where accurate temperature and precise force distribution are the key for success.