Introducing the LabManual 50

Fontijne Presses is proud to introduce the all-new LabManual 50. As the name implies, the LabManual 50 is a manually operated hydraulic laboratory press. Thanks to its compact format and limited weight, the LabManual 50 can easily get installed on any laboratory benchtop to prepare samples for quality control and R&D purposes.

“The LabManual 50 is an important and highly anticipated addition to our existing range of presses”, explains Luc Pattyn, Fontijne Presses’ Sales & Marketing Director. “In recent years, several Fontijne Presses users asked if we could build a smaller LabManual press, as this could be useful for specific applications, such as pressing thin layers for FTIR analyses or for the preparation of PB1 reactor monsters.”

“Another consideration is that for some applications, samples need to be pressed multiple times in order to get a homogenous material or to get rid of moisture. In such cases, straightforward and quick operation, as offered by the LabManual 50, is an important added value. Moreover, it often proves handy to have a second, smaller press at hand for certain tasks.”

The LabManual 50 can handle pressing needs up to 50kN and 200°C, but also allows the use of much lower closing forces. Whichever settings you choose, the results will always prove to be accurate and consistent over time.

Thanks to its modest footprint of only 350 by 450mm and its weight of just 70kg, the LabManual 50 can easily get installed on a workbench in any lab. Furthermore, the unit’s closed hydraulics operation prevents oil from leaking.

The CE-certified LabManual 50 is designed with safety in mind, while its ergonomic design and straightforward operation make life easier for laboratory technicians.

Even though the LabManual 50 is manually operated, it offers multiple digital controls and read-outs, such as a digital temperature controller and a PID control system. The unit also has an integrated LCD-screen, showing the closing force set by the handpump.

Fontijne Presses’ LabManual 50 press is the right choice for applications that need accuracy and consistency, but where the number of samples to be processed is moderate.

Essentially, the LabManual 50 incorporates all of the qualities that lead to the ongoing success of the LabManual 300, but with a considerably smaller form factor, and limited to a closing force of 50kN and a maximum temperature of 200°C”, Luc Pattyn concludes.

LabManual 50 Series