LabManual, LabEcon and LabPro – series

Dear partner,

please be informed about the following new optional features:

LabManual, LabEcon and LabPro – series

Chromated platen

Your product is heated between a set of chromated platen in order to work in a clean way and not to soil the heating platen of the press

  • Ra 0,4
  • Total surface 320 x 300 mm / 400 x 380 mm
  • Chromated surface 300 x 300 mm / 380 x 380 mm
  • Thickness 4 mm
  • Other sizes upon request

LabEcon – series


consisting of ball transfer units for easy insertion of the mould.

Special package: heating up to 400°C and combined air/water cooling (not linear) of the press platens by means of 2 electric valves. Cooling from 400°C down to 300°C by air, from 300°C down to ambient by water.
Standard heating speed up to 10°C/min, optionally up to 20°C/min

Extraction-/exhaust hood
Do you want to collect exhaust gasses or powder during your pressing process?

Why don’t you use our non-motorised extraction-/exhaust hood that can be installed on top of the press. The hood can be connected to the on site exhaust system by means of the Jacob connecting flange ø200 mm.