New optional features

again we can announce some new optional features:

Pneumatic Pressure Reducer

In order to perform the airblow after cooling and to take care of cooling with air above >300°C, a pneumatic air connection with max 2 bar pressure is required. Fontijne can offer a pressure reducer so that the press can be connected directly to your existing pneumatic system. Without this option, you have to add a suitable pressure transducer yourself.

Integrated compression system

In case there is no pneumatic air available or the compressor is located far away from where the press is used, or in case the press will be moved from time to time, it is advisable to opt for our integrated pneumatic system. This avoids the installation of an expensive air pressure system on site. Plug and play solution, inclusive of pressure reducer.

This compressor system is completely integrated, the press has the same footprint. Only cooling water and electrical power is needed, as well as a free hot water outlet.  This system is a low-noise solution of ca. 53 – 60 dB(A), and it is allowed to use it internally without air protection. Specifications: volume 20 liter, adjusted for a working pressure of 2 bar. Most of the installed LabEcon presses can be retrofitted with these features!