New features and possibilities for our LabEcon range

The standard opening between the upper and the lower daylight on our LabEcon presses is 200 mm. For some applications, e.g. requiring big and thick moulds, this is too low. There is no need anymore to solve this need for a bigger daylight with the LabPro Series: from now on we can offer a bigger daylight of 300 and 400 mm as an option for our LabEcon 300 and LabEcon 600 as well!

Heating up to 400°C, an option for LabEcon 300 and LabEcon 600 – is now also available with our LabEcon 1000 laboratory hot platen press.

We are proud to announce that we received the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification for our LabEcon hydraulic press, in combination with a power supply of 600 V. This certification mark is key to opening doors to markets in Canada.

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