One in a million*

Our team recently delivered another truly unique and very powerful hydraulic laboratory platen press to a satisfied customer, a well-known name in the rubber branch.

This CE-certified platen press has a closing force of no less than 1000 kN and is equipped with a double daylight (2 x 75 mm) and platen sizes of 500 x 500 mm. Each daylight has its own oil heating unit, enabling to heat up the platens with an exceptionally even temperature distribution of +/-0,7° C. This was measured on a platen surface of 350 x 350 mm at 200° C, after stabilisation and with the press in open position.

The built-in Programmable Control System, incorporating an 8” touch screen, enables automatic control of the press cycle and provides features and setting options such as: temperature and pressure control, graphical representation of the pressing process, data recording and USB export options, different user access levels, etc.

The end of a program cycle is conveniently indicated by a sound and light signal. Last but not least, we managed to limit the dimensions of the press to 1375 x 830 x 1725 mm (W x D x H) and the weight to 1.545 kg.

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* 1.000 kN equals 1.000.000 N