Perfectly customised lab press for our customer’s needs

At Fontijne Presses, we daily talk to customers who want something very specific for their laboratories and materials analyses.

This requires a very good understanding to be able to translate this into perfectly designed and manufactured presses, with the right footprint and the unique technical specifications that will help the customers in their daily lab work. We have recently designed and built a customised laboratory platen press dedicated to meet our customer’s needs.


Proudly we share with you one of our most recent LabPro laboratory press.

This LabPro laboratory platen press comes with:


  • Max. closing force of 200 kN
  • Max. temperature of 450°C
  • Heating speed up to 20°C/minute
  • Custom in- and outputs: 0-10V analog output signals for position, pressure, and temperatures. For easy logging on your own logging device
  • Temperature, pressure, and position output range freely adjustable
  • Feature to start the press by an external signal
  • Double daylight opening of 100mm each, with independent temperature control (heating and cooling) per daylight opening
  • Extra thermocouple connections for logging the temperature inside your mold, located at the press table inside the safety cage: no loose cables coming out of the safety cage!
  • Degassing stroke.


It is simply impossible to describe all possibilities and options on our website, so don’t hesitate to reach out for more information when you have a particular requirement.

Let us design and build a press for you!