Relax – we have the right lab press for every sample

As materials become more sophisticated, so should your laboratory press:

– Are your sample plaques of uniform thickness across the plaque?
– Do you know the effects of not having the same heating and cooling rates across your plaque?
– Are your samples really ASTM D4703 compliant?

If you even have the slightest doubt, it’s time for a new press!

Fontijne Presses lab presses

Fontijne Presses – the fastest-growing hydraulic lab press company, is your specialized partner for all your lab pressing needs:

  1. Modern and slim design with a small footprint
  2. Complete portfolio with automated and manual laboratory presses
  3. Customized lab press available (including vacuum presses)
  4. Intuitive and easy to use the software.


Relax, sit back, don’t worry anymore, and let your Fontijne Presses lab press take care of your pressing needs!