We’re moving

We’re moving to a new location. Another milestone in our company’s history

We are excited to announce that, following to our remarkable growth over the last years, we are expanding! In fact, we are relocating to a new office location effective as of March 22.

Thanks to our many customers and the growing need for high quality reliable laboratory presses, we have outgrown our current workplace and have found a bigger and more modern space that matches our ambitions. This move represents a big milestone in our company’s accelerated growth and is a statement for where we are heading as company not only for our employees, but also for our customers.

In the new facilities, Fontijne Presses disposes of a at least three times larger office space and a nearly four times larger production floor than the previous office in Delft. These will provide the Fontijne Presses team with the much-needed space to accommodate its accelerated growth.

“We’ve been looking at this move for some time now” commented Jeroen Moerman, Managing Director at Fontijne Presses. “We wanted the practical additional space of a larger building, where we can build our presses. The new building gives us some great collaborative spaces between our engineering  and production teams and that will have a big impact on our projects.”

Jeroen Moerman explains further:

“This move represents a significant milestone for our fast-growing manufacturing company. The new office space not only better accommodates our growing team and enables us to hire additional talent to continue to provide the best laboratory platen presses our global clients. The additional space will also help drive innovation and optimize our manufacturing processes to deliver and to build more efficiently and more sustainable high quality laboratory presses for our customers. By investing from the beginning a lot in the right facilities, like green electricity generated by Eneco HollandseWind® with Eco-label from SMK (Stichting Milieukeur), we want to create a more sustainable business and reduce our CO2 emissions. The purchase of wind energy from a Dutch wind farm is a conscious step forward for us and herewith, we are contributing to more sustainable energy production in the Netherlands.”

The new office space in Rotterdam reflects the highly specialized team and culture of 100% of focus and dedication at Fontijne Presses for laboratory platen presses.

Luc Pattyn, Sales and Marketing Director at Fontijne Presses, mentiones:

“We are extremely happy and excited to relocate to our new office space in Rotterdam. This move represents our continued commitment to serving our customers at the highest levels and reaffirms our commitment to design and manufacture the best laboratory platen presses at the high standards we have set.  Next to the modern and spacious production facility, we are also pleased with our new demo room, where we can showcase and have live demonstrations on our different lab presses series and meet with customers in a professional manner. We look forward to this next exciting chapter and to welcoming everyone to our new space”.


The new office details of Fontijne Presses effective of March 22 2023 are: Vlambloem 65, 3068 JG, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The general contact details, such as phone number and email addresses remain unchanged.