Lantor expands internal material testing capabilities to include autoclave and press-forming simulations

When it comes to lightweight a monolithic shell part, or to produce products fast and with optimal surface quality Lantor has expertise and textile solutions in FRP products. A custom press mould from Lanulfi and the laboratory press LabEcon from Fontijne Presses are the right tools to achieve that.

Lantor Composites – Textile solutions for fiber reinforced products

 Lantor has a history of creating high value products and ‘first-to-market’ with innovations. In addition, Lantor provides extensive technical support to customers worldwide, both directly and through an extensive network of distributors. 

For the composites industry Lantor volumizes the non-woven with microspheres to create flexible core materials and for the construction industry Lantor creates moisture retaining fleece for barns and warehouses. 

With their unique microsphere technology, Lantor Composites provides thin core solutions for optimal weight and superior surface quality. Brands such as Coremat®, Soric® and Finishmat® have been household names in the industry for decades and continue to be at the cutting edge of technology. With their latest additions, Skincore® and Teccore®, Lantor makes a next step into creating smarter composites.

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Customer Testimonial

Lantor expands internal material testing capabilities

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