How to expand the lifetime of your lab press

March 22, 2022|Blog | 2 Min Read

Are you driving your car for 10 years without changing the oil? In order to keep your vehicle in proper condition and to extend the engine life, good lubrication is needed regularly. 
So why do you never exchange the oil of your hydraulic lab press? We advise you to exchange the hydraulic oil every year. In this blog we explain how the lifetime of your lab press can easily be extended by changing its hydraulic oil.

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Relax – we have the right lab press for every sample

June 29, 2021|News | 1 Min Read

As materials become more sophisticated, so should your laboratory press:
– Are your sample plaques of uniform thickness across the plaque?
– Do you know the effects of not having the same heating and cooling rates across your plaque?
– Are your samples really ASTM D4703 compliant?
If you even have the slightest doubt, it’s time for a new press!

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How to select a laboratory platen press

April 26, 2021|News | 4 Min Read

The 5 most important factors to consider when buying a platen press April 26, 2021   In recent years, laboratory platen presses have found more and more applications. Each sample […]

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LabManual 50

Q&A Interview about LabManual 50

April 15, 2021|News | 6 Min Read
QA Interview: how to get the most value of LabManual 50   For this week's blog, we have interviewed Luc Pattyn - Sales and Marketing Director at Fontijne Presses about [...]
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Fontijne Presses’ laboratory platen presses comply with multiple international test standards

Blog: An introduction to laboratory platen presses

March 23, 2021|Blog | 4 Min Read

In this blog, we explain for what purposes you need a laboratory platen press. We also point why a dedicated laboratory press is the best solution to prepare your samples, even if you have a production press or an injection moulding machine at your disposal.

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