Relax – we have the right lab press for every sample

June 29, 2021|News | 1 Min Read

As materials become more sophisticated, so should your laboratory press:
– Are your sample plaques of uniform thickness across the plaque?
– Do you know the effects of not having the same heating and cooling rates across your plaque?
– Are your samples really ASTM D4703 compliant?
If you even have the slightest doubt, it’s time for a new press!

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Manually operated heated platen press vs. automated press

May 31, 2021|News | 4 Min Read
May 31, 2021 In our previous blog, we have discussed the several factors you have to take into consideration when purchasing a new platen press. Operation of the press is [...]
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Fontijne Presses’ laboratory platen presses comply with multiple international test standards

Blog: An introduction to laboratory platen presses

March 23, 2021|Blog | 4 Min Read

In this blog, we explain for what purposes you need a laboratory platen press. We also point why a dedicated laboratory press is the best solution to prepare your samples, even if you have a production press or an injection moulding machine at your disposal.

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